Data Is A Motorola Channel Partner’s Private Weapon In The Battle For Communication And Business

Why Manage Data?

For most Motorola Channel Partners - large or small, data management attempts typically begin once data has become copied and extracted in such a haphazard fashion that it often becomes impossible to catch up and identify what customers or opportunities still exist. Opt-in Wireless developed a customized method to not only prevent data conflict but also encourage and expand on for sales and marketing. There is not an MCP that has not suffered due to data inaccuracy at some time. In many cases incorrect data has caused unnecessary expenses, additional work, and lost sales and customers.

Data Is a Motorola Channel Partner’s Private Weapon in the Battle for Communication and Business
Realizing that an organization's data is one of its most important assets, inspires the need to manage it appropriately. Opt-in Wireless can provide you with secure, accurate, always accessible, and understandable information. When data is correctly managed, it can be the most cost-effective tool in your organization. 

Develop Your Marketing Plan
The ultimate goal of any MCP marketing strategy is to help you grow your business and increase your brand awareness. In order for a marketing strategy to be successful, it must be multi-faceted, realistic (based on real data) and implemented consistently over time. 

Clean, accurate sales data will help your marketing plan with the following:

  • Objectives and Goal Setting;
  • Identify the Audience each Activity is Targeted to;
  • Assessing Current Competitive Situation and Budget;
  • Target Data Acquisition, Current Customer Data Hygiene and Mining;
  • Development of Marketing Plan and Demand Generation Strategy

As your marketing data accuracy increases overall response rates will increase.

Get the Leads Your Business Needs To Succeed Today
After we develop your Motorola customer sales history profiles our data mining process builds a business marketing list.

The sales history profiles and business marketing lists we provide you can be used for:

  • New Business Targets for Telemarketing Campaigns;
  • Identifying Dormant Accounts;
  • Providing Sales Reps with Accounts to Call on Daily

Opt-in Wireless Data Driven Marketing Plan Overview

  • Advanced Strategy & Planning
    Using data to create a marketing strategy obviously begins with handling the data. This step is a discovery process, and for it to be effective there has to be a strategy and plan in place. Opt-in Wireless can help you with that.
  • Data Acquisition & Database Development
    In general, there are four sources of data used: Internal data (Accounting data), Public data (Info USA, D&B), Self-provided data (provided by the prospect), and Developed data (such as Telemarketing). While there are just a few types of data sources, there is a vast difference between each one. This requires an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each before deciding to include them in the master marketing database build.
  • Analytics & Market Segmentation
    This is where it all starts to become clear when you are focused on improving lead generation, sales conversions and your sales force’s effectiveness. To be able to execute targeted communications with relevant messages and offers, the part that Analytics and Segmentation play becomes very critical to your campaign successes.
  • Direct Market Planning
    At this stage the master marketing database can be utilized to communicate to the market, by driving four traditional goals: Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Customer Relationship Development, and Reactivation.
  • Performance Reporting
    Every Motorola Chanel Partner needs proof that their marketing efforts are paying off. Opt-in Wireless’ performance reporting allows you to justify your marketing budget, as well as adjust resource allocation in the future.

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