Don’t Just Email Your Customers.
Engage With Them.

Reaching the inbox isn’t enough anymore. Customers today demand and only respond to highly personalized engagement. Many agencies are struggling to deliver. Opt-in Wireless can change that. We make it easy to truly reach and connect with your target audience again and again, so you’re not just sending them email blasts, you’re actually driving conversions. 

E-mail marketing is the most cost-effective and most accurate way to contact your current customers and prospects. Unlike the traditional forms of offline marketing (direct mail, Yellow Pages advertising, and print ads) online direct marketing allows our clients to use the web to capture, analyze and track the behavior patterns of prospects and customers who subscribe to their e-mail marketing programs.

Opt-in Wireless provides a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that enables our clients to execute and evaluate their e-mail marketing strategies. We deploy well over a million E-mail marketing campaigns for Motorola Channel Partners every year. Now you can take the guesswork out of your business by actually seeing the ROI of your marketing campaigns -- and, if needed, refine your message. Let Opt-in Wireless help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, every time.

Benefits of E-mail Marketing:

  • Reduce customer communication costs: no paper or postage
  • Complement your offline marketing efforts
  • Live tracking of your results
  • Greater response rates
  • Provides automated sales leads
  • Instant referrals with the click of the mouse
  • Builds stronger customer relationships with integrated surveys for feedback
  • Saves your sales reps time, so they can focus on new business and large system sales
  • 100% Motorola Co-op pre-approved
  • Easily provide customers with updated rates and procedures
  • Send promotions and specials
  • Notify customers of service bulletins and FCC regulations

Leverage Your Data
Email Marketing is a lot like MOTOTRBO: “Stay Instantly Connected and In Control”

  • Forrester Research estimates that spending on email marketing will approach $2.5 billion annually by 2016, up from $1.5 billion in 2011, a compound annual growth rate of 10%.
  • Top 4 reasons marketers use email marketing: Customer Acquisition, Lead Nurturing, Customer Retention, and Brand Awareness.
  • Most multiple-time Motorola Empower Circle winners use EDM’s on a consistent basis.
  • 80/20 Rule - Impact 21 reports show year after year your best accounts are responsible for the majority of your business – most likely you have email addresses for your core customers.
  • Reduce customer communication costs and speed up your sales cycle with EDM’s.

Sent. Received. Opened. Clicked. Converted.

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