Over 90% Of Online Business Searches Start With Search Engines

Opt-in Wireless is a leader in Search Engine Marketing (SEO) to the land mobile industry. We have a proven track record and a marketing plan that gets results. We believe in designing top quality, highly optimized websites. Quality content and plenty of it is the key to getting successful website results.

Search Engine Marketing Baseline

  • Don't design the website solely for search engines. Design it for your customers first and foremost.
  • If it reads well to humans, it will index well for robot search engines.
  • Design the website to the highest coding standards.
  • Make the content as unique to your business as possible.
  • Tell your story, your way. Show clients and prospects how your company is different.
  • Optimize the wording within the website to your top-selling products, services and market area.
  • Once the website is launched, get it indexed by top spidering search engines.
  • Hand submit your website to top website directories and industry portals.
  • Start a targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign with top search engines.
  • Have a 12-month marketing plan and do something new each month.
  • Monitor the results weekly and monthly.

Sound Easy? It's Not!

We work closely with our clients to create, manage and maintain a search engine marketing plan that will bring the right type of prospects to their website. We monitor the results and work with our clients to improve rankings from month to month.

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Print Design
Print Design

Promote your business with personalized marketing materials from Opt-in Wireless. We have the right marketing mix with products for most every need and any budget. Let us help you find the perfect product for any of your marketing needs.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the lifeline to finding new clients as well as your current clients. Opt-in Wireless has a proven digital marketing plan that is focused on creating meaningful interactions between your brand and your customers. Our Digital Marketing Solutions include: Digital Catalogs, E-Mail Marketing, Internet Press Releases, Retargeting, SEO & SEM, and Social Media Marketing.

Web & Mobile Development
Web & Mobile Development

When your Motorola dealership needs to dominate the market, you need Opt-in Wireless. From cutting-edge responsive website designs to advanced search engine marketing, our digital marketing and development team is here to help you simply do one thing: sell more Motorola products and services.

Performance Reporting
Performance Reporting

Every Motorola Chanel Partner needs proof that their marketing efforts are paying off. Opt-in Wireless’ performance reporting allows you to justify your marketing budget, as well as adjust resource allocation in the future.

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