Motorola Team Communications Direct Mail Campaign for:
Team Communications - Data

Jumbo Sized Postcard Specifications
Document Trim Size (Horizontal) 11.00" x 6.00"
Recycled Matte Stock: 100-lb. Premium Matte Recycled Paper, UV Coated - 4/4
100% Motorola COOP Approved

Our Graphic design team will add your logo and contact information to this design for Free! That saves you both time and money.

Campaign Options:
We offer both “Print Only” Direct Mail Campaigns or “Turnkey” Direct Mail Campaigns. On the Print Only option, we simply ship them to you after they have gone to press. On the Turnkey Direct Mail Campaigns we print, address and mail your postcards for you.

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The Value of Opt-in Wireless Mailing Services
Postage is not a set price. It is actually based on the amount of work the USPS does for each of your direct marketing campaigns. One of our goals for every campaign we process is to identify the most effective ways to lower postage prices for our clients. Trust our postal experts to navigate the endless USPS options for you. Once we identify a best-fit solution, we’ll automatically apply it to your order.

When you use Opt-in Wireless for turn-key direct marketing campaigns, you avoid overspending due to generic, one-size-fits-all postage strategies.

Opt-in Wireless List Services
Having the right list is critical to the success of any direct marketing campaign. At Opt- In Wireless we are Land Mobile Industry marketing experts. Helping you choose the right mailing list is our specialty and provides the results you need. Please let us know the counties within your APMR and the vertical markets you want to target.

Our Rental Lists Include a Telemarketing List!

Our experience with the Motorola Chanel goes far beyond creative or production of direct marketing campaigns; we’ve driven many performance-driven programs using our proven, strategic approach.

We would love the chance to quote your next direct marketing project for you. Please contact us for pricing and any other questions you have on this design.

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