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The Benefits of Catalog Design

In today’s digital age, there are some who wonder why catalogs are still around. The simple truth is that people like catalogs. They still like anything that can be tactile (brochures, flyers, and sales sheets as well). With catalogs, there is no need for them to click back and forth as they can simply turn the page. They can write or mark the products they want and come back to it later and maybe find something else interesting in it. According to a recent study, most catalogs are requested online. If people like the site, they are more interested in the product and want to see the catalog.

Catalogs are an important marketing tool for your company. They are a great way to showcase your product line in a creative way, and strengthen your brand. Customers and prospects looking at catalogs generally do not have the luxury of being in your office or having a one of your sales representatives with demos at their location to examine them closely. Therefore, your catalogs need to be detailed and engaging enough to convince them that your products will fulfill their needs.

Our catalogs are designed to educate your existing customer base and best prospects on the features and benefits of your Motorola products and services – solving much more than just their basic two-way needs! The design of our catalogs effectively and impactfully communicates the unique value of both your business and Motorola to your best prospects. It’s time your market knows about you and your wireless solution portfolio.

Why Work with the Opt-in Wireless Catalog Design Team?
Whether you need a turnkey solution or specific catalog design services, our print design team can assist you. Although our catalog designs are visually appealing, our real focus isn’t just to make your catalogs look great it’s to help you maximize your sales and ROI.

A Single Source Solution
We have everything you're looking for in a catalog design partner. With everything you need in-house, our work is better, faster and more cost effective.

  • Catalog Design & Layout
  • Printing, Production, Mailing & Distribution
  • Maximize Your Return on Investment
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • 100% Motorola Co-op Approved
  • Stock and Custom Designs
  • Meet USPS Specifications
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities
  • Database Marketing & List Management
  • Priced to Meet Your Budget

Catalogs usually cost more to create than a brochure design, but are also much more memorable. If you have the budget to create a catalog of your product line, the results will definitely pay off.

Need help bringing your catalog design to life? We are ready to listen to your needs.

Want to see more of our Motorola Catalog designs? Check out our Print Design Portfolio.

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