In These Digital Times, It’s Easy to Overlook
the Power of Direct Mail Marketing

To this day, direct mail marketing is still one of the most effective forms of advertising and can play a key role in the success of your overall marketing efforts. It provides you with more control than any other form of print advertising. You determine exactly who and when receives your message. But even the best Motorola promotion won’t guarantee sales if it’s never read, and that’s where Opt-in Wireless comes in. We strategize with you to develop the most effective messaging, with clear calls to action and make sure that your direct mail marketing campaign is consistent with your branding. Our print design team creates vibrant and eye-catching mailing campaigns and our mailing team works closely with the USPS to make sure your bulk mail piece is affordable and reaches the right hands.

Direct mail has a rich history and is shown to have extremely high ROI, especially when part of a multi-channel targeted campaign. The value of direct mail marketing is clear. It has proven to be effective in the B2B industry as well as when combined with email marketing or other direct marketing programs.

At Opt-in Wireless, we design direct mail marketing campaigns to meet the needs of Motorola Channel Partners in an integrated marketing campaign approach with a focus on ROI. These programs are typically run in conjunction with landing pages, search marketing and email marketing campaigns.

Whatever your goals are for your campaign, we can help you reach and exceed them: Customer Acquisition, Customer Cross-Selling, Customer Retention, Direct Product Sales, Driving Website Traffic, Event Marketing, Lead Generation Nurture Stream, Tradeshow Pre-Mailers, and Win-Back campaigns.

We can manage your direct mail campaign from start to finish. Or, if you only need us for specific portions of your project, we can help with that, too.

Our Services include: Campaign Strategy, Creative Services, List Research, Production and Lettershop, Mailing Services, and Campaign Analysis.

The Value of Opt-in Wireless Mailing Services

Postage is not a set price. It is actually based on the amount of work the USPS does for each of your direct marketing campaigns. One of our goals for every campaign we process is to identify the most effective ways to lower postage prices for our clients. Trust our postal experts to navigate the endless USPS options for you. Once we identify a best-fit solution, we’ll automatically apply it to your order.

When you use Opt-in Wireless for turn-key direct marketing campaigns, you avoid overspending due to generic, one-size-fits-all postage strategies.

You have enough to do everyday. Let us address, stamp and mail your postcards for you.

We are Your Strategic Marketing Partner

Many of our long-term clients do not consider us as just a marketing vendor. Instead they view us as one of their strategic partners and advisors, focused on mutual goals. 

“Over the past 10 years, your industry experience and business acumen has been a great resource for our organization. I view your relationship with DWS has one of our Trusted Advisors, for business development and marketing.”

Mike Ishida - Vice President-Sales
Day Wireless Systems

Our experience with the Motorola Chanel goes far beyond creative or production of direct marketing campaigns; we’ve driven many performance-driven programs using our proven, strategic approach.

We would love the chance to quote your next direct marketing project for you.

For over a decade, we’ve designed and managed thousands of performance-driven direct mail programs for Motorola Channel Partners across the United States.

Click here to view just a sampling of what we have done for our clients.

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