Roll Up Compact

Compact with Adjustable Image Height

Roll Up Compact is a compact and simple to use Roll Up. The rounded corners and sides make it nice to handle. The adjustable telescopic supporting rod gives the possibility to adjust the image to desired height. It is easy to mount the image without having to gain access inside the system.

  • Roll Up Compact is transported in a nylon bag with shoulder strap.
  • A compact and easy to carry rollup.
  • Professional exposure and always stands straight.

Roll Up Classic

Expolinc’s Award-Winning Original

Roll Up Classic has been named a “work of applied art” by the Swedish Society of Craft and Design. The system is easy to transport and assembles in a flash for your presentation. Roll Up Classic is available in a wide range of widths and is ideal for repeated use in different environments.


  • Roll Up Classic is transported in a nylon bag with shoulder strap.
  • The cassette is open and the graphic can be replaced.
  • Choose between black and silver for some models.

Roll Up Professional

Exclusive Design with Easy Image Change

Roll Up Professional is an exclusive display system made for frequent use in all sorts of environments. It assembles in under 60 seconds. Changing the image is very easy with the Roll Up Professional, which is also available as a double-sided version.


  • Roll Up Professional is transported in a nylon bag with shoulder strap.
  • Images can be changed with the simple touch of a button.
  • Double-sided Roll Up Professional with two Roll Ups in one.
  • Top profile with end caps is standard in Roll Up Professional.

Pole System

Elevate Your Message Above the Crowd

A Double-Sided Banner Stand with Flexible Heights and Several Widths

The Pole System is the perfect choice when you need to raise your message up higher or when you need to see what’s going on behind the banner. The Pole System allows you to create exciting solutions, particularly in combination with other systems. The panel dimensions are flexible in height and width, and panels can be placed on both sides of the display. The Pole System assembles in no time at all. With just a few simple actions, you fold out the legs, pull up the telescopic rod and hook one or two panels in place.

It couldn´t be simpler.


  • Pole System is transported in a nylon bag with shoulder strap.
  • Integrated foot and rod which makes it easy to move around.
  • Spring loaded tension holds the panel in perfect position.

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