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Opt-in Wireless can easily integrate the latest ecommerce technology into your website. Combined with email marketing, ecommerce can quickly help you maximize the potential of your existing customer base.

Our ecommerce solutions are designed to get customers to your site and to ultimately conclude their visit with a purchase from your dealership. By studying visitor behavior, Opt-in Wireless knows how to identify what customers care about most. This knowledge enables us to identify trends, capitalize on emerging opportunities and maximize marketing return on investment for your dealership.

We help Motorola dealers penetrate the massive Internet market with a simple and cost-effective ecommerce solution to fit their individual needs.

Our E-commerce Solutions include:

Comprehensive Product Catalog 
Our product catalogs allow for a virtually unlimited number of products and categories, including those for members only. Custom information fields for products can be easily added.

Merchandising and Inventory 
Full inventory control that includes: retail and wholesale price options; quantity discounts; "Out of Stock" messages; discount coupon codes and gift certificates; on-screen mini-cart with brief cart information; and the ability to set minimal order amounts.

Shipping and Tax 
Real-time USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping calculation for domestic shipping, with an unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods such as: flat rate, weight, order total and per-item based shipping. Your customers can have the option to choose delivery methods, and promotional "free shipping" coupons are available. Customizable tax calculation and shipping fees based on client's location, including a "tax-exempt" feature.

Sales Analysis & Tracking 
Easily review comprehensive statistics: number of orders, number of customers, product views, category views, products removed from cart by customers, sales by product/best-sellers and total sales. All data is easy to print and to export for use in a spreadsheet.

Search Engine Friendly 
Pages can be indexed by all major search engines, and every category can have defined, custom META tags. Customer referral information is also stored in a database.

Payment Gateways & Methods 
Accept payments by credit card with more than 30 gateways, including PayPal. Also support manual (offline) credit card processing, checks, purchase orders and phone orders.

Repeat Customer Accommodation 
All customer data is stored in a database, which allows you to greet repeat visitors and offer them discounts or special promotions. Registered customers do not have to re-enter their data, can edit their profile and can access order history.

Security includes: full HTTPS/SSL support, secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access, password-protected administrative access, encrypted customer data, PGP-encrypted e-mail notifications, real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts and backup sub-system.

Opt-in Wireless specializes in marketing, with an emphasis on driving improved business results. Using our marketing expertise to help our clients is our passion -- and it’s all we do. Our customized ecommerce solutions are designed to solve each dealer’s particular business needs.

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