"I wanted to send you some kind words for the great job you have done "personally" on our website. I know you have made some small (or large) sacrifices to build this web site & it definitely shows. Your ideas for the color lay out have gotten a great response & the idea of the black/white photos have gone over really well. With that being said, I never wanted my website to look like all the other Motorola Channel Partners. So you have once again out done yourself by coming up with the brilliant idea of black/white. No one else has that (that I am aware of at least). Mission accomplished = McAfee's Communications, Inc. looks like one of a kind!

We have been in business for 48 years & the 1st 41 years we never had a website. So I had a site built by a college student & it looked like it was built by a college student. I never thought in a million years that I would be so proud of a website! Now every time I see it I get the feeling again & again! You did an excellent job! Then to put the icing on the cake you came up with the idea of doing a mail stuffer to promote the new website & mention the promotions.These too were a great idea & came out looking just as exceptional as the website.

I regret waiting so long to do business with Opt-In-Wireless as I know at every Road show, Expo, or MSS meeting you have asked to do a site for me. I am proud of the site & it makes my company look very professional! Thanks again for all of your hard work & I look forward in to doing business with you & OIW in the future."

Benjamin R. McAfee
McAfee's Communications Inc.

"We just got our first call from the mail outs.
A trucking company looking for 60 radios!!!"

Kathy Hopper
Megahertz Technology

67 Motorola Connect Plus Appointments in 2 Days

"Thank you for making this marketing project a success."

Mike Ishida
Vice President/Sales - Day Wireless Systems


"Just wanted to pass credit where credit is due. GLENTEL was the winner of Motorola's Marketing Award for the work on the GOTRBO website. You built the site, worked with the team, and went above and beyond in completing this project. Thank you again for your patience with us, and your desire to build a quality product. In a small way, it paid off and was recognized.”

Thanks again,

Caleb Allen
Product Manager


“We are very pleased with the banner stand and I couldn’t believe how quickly you got it to us. Thank you. Excellent work.”

Garry Smith
Alcom Electronic Communications


“Opt-in Wireless has made a huge difference in the way we display our business. After recently launching our new site, designed by Opt-In, we are now able to use our website as a tool in meetings and conferences. It provides true insight into who NYCOMCO is by displaying our coverage maps as well as giving a peek into all aspects of our company. It has been a great success. Working with Pete and Sean is always wonderful and effortless. They listened to our needs and concerns and took them to a whole new level. If you are thinking about doing business with Opt-in… don’t think… JUST do it! It will be worth it to your business ten fold.”

Jenna Lacouette
3rd Generation Owner


"I think that it is important for you to know that Optin Wireless - you, Sean and your team of professionals - understands more about my business than any other vendor, with maybe the exception of a few people within Motorola Solutions, Inc. By understanding my business, you are well positioned to help guide me to create effective marketing programs and to actually help me grow my business."

Bob Conrey
CEO / President
Advanced Electronics, Inc.


“I wanted to send you a note telling you the new online ordering system has worked great for us. The ordering system has allowed us to better manage our time and has allowed us to efficiently order and forget. We no longer have to print the order form fill out the order form, fax the order form. There were times when we would get the order form filled out but it would get lost on my desk until I remembered to go to the fax machine and fax it.

Again, thank you for saving me a lot of time which in the end saves us money.”


Sandy Schneeman


"The battery mailer was a huge success with the buy 10 get 1 free offer. We received many calls and many orders!"

Michelle Toutloff
Infinity Wireless, Inc.



"We have received about 6 "requests for quotes in just days after our new site went live" Cool, eh???? Thanks"

Maureen Milanese
Wells Communications



Brian Moorehead
Rays Radio

Great and FAST service my friend! You’ve got it down pat over there.

Our new web site went live in June 2003. By December 2004 we filled a 2.5-inch binder with individual leads.

You may be saying, "yeah, but a large number of un-qualified leads isn’t very valuable." I disagree. Many website leads go no-where but the website is still worth it. Let me tell you why I believe this. Question: What’s the value to your dealership of a large business buying all their radios and getting all their repairs done by you, repeatedly? We’ve garnered some valuable repeat-customers by impressing them with our personalized service and responsiveness. Once they got to know us, they realized our value over their local dealer. But how did they find us? You guessed it! Our well designed and professional looking website. It gave them enough courage to give us a chance to earn their business… and once they requested that quote, we worked hard to show we cared… even from a long distance. We wouldn’t have a chance to do this without the website and Opt-in Wireless's experience being pumped into our marketing scheme.

Kyle Granger
OneLink Wireless


Now that’s a website! Kick ASS!

Julian Powers
Infinity Wireless, Inc.


Just got off the phone with a potential new customer. He and I went to the new website together. It was great.

Thank you for the New Website!!!!!!

Gina Koenig
Infinity Wireless, Inc.


Thanks for all the work! Pass along to your team our sincere appreciation and pleasure in the new site! Yea!

Steve Shelton
General Manager
Day Wireless

I am writing this letter to thank you for your diligent work on my website as well as your honesty and depth of knowledge of our industry. As a Motorola dealer it is comforting to know there is someone out there to guide us through the maze of the web. Your design of my site is beyond my expectations and 100 times better than the "Dealer Link" that is available through Motorola where I got 68 hits in a one week time frame I have gotten 585 through my Opt-in site. I know we are at the very beginning of this development with your company but I feel the need to tell you of my satisfaction to date.

Ron Martinelli
AAA Communications


Opt-in Wireless has been a godsend. They took our site from 0 to 60 in a matter of days. Our site is vastly improved (night & day). Sean Duffy at Opt-in was extremely proactive. He took the initiative to use all our existing information and then asked questions later to refine it, knowing if he were to wait for me we would still have the dismal web page we were stuck with! O.K., so you say anyone can do that and that’s true! But Opt-in doesn’t stop there, they research your Company and get the right search engines plugged in and stay on top of it. They also give you the ability to administer the other aspects (i.e. e-mails, copy on newsletters, etc.) of the site on yourself. My previous Webmaster was either unavailable or unwilling to help with those and other issues. Not to mention we could never find the guy.

Not so with Sean at Opt-in Wireless! I’ll leave you with this thought: How many of you are at the grocery store at 7pm (PST) on a Friday night and get a call on your cell phone from some guy in Chicago making sure the web site was up and operating to your satisfaction and if you had any immediate concerns? Well, Sean did! These guys are good. I would highly recommend them over any other webmaster available on the market today.
P.S. They know our business & Industry (Wireless & Two-Way Communications) They take the time to do that!

Michael McDermott
McDermott Communications Co.
Los Angeles, California

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