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Post from February 14th

K&C Communications, Inc

The PA Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C) is a state-wide conference that helps provides quality programs focused on technology in the educational field. This year, we came to the show asking you the question: How can we help make your school safer through the Motorola Solutions #safetyreimagined ecosystem?

We showcased our Avigilon cameras/ analytics, Avtec dispatch console, Nitro, Turbo, and Wave radios... And of course, our AI driven Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) technology.

Thank you to our partners at Motorola, Rebecca Earlewine and Will Paladines, for your assistance in prep and coordination which contributed greatly to our show's success!

Also, the incredible, custom CWD panels and booth wall/ table were made by Tim Duckworth and his team. Thanks to them for the amazing work.

Have questions about how we can help make your school safer? Please reach out to us!

Rebecca Earlewine

Thank you Tim Duckworth!!! After walking the show, I truly thought K&C Communications, Inc had the best looking and most interactive booth! That and our enthusiastic team absolutely drove engagement with the attendees!

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New SEMSS Website Launched Featuring
MSI Service Advisory Council’s Partnership
with UC San Diego Extended Studies

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Southeastern Motorola Service Stations (SEMSS) website.

One of the main objectives of the new website design was attraction of more visitors than the old site - specifically from new talent and leads from end users. The primary focus of the prior site was on their annual meeting and membership. The driving force behind this strategy update was the Motorola Solutions' Service Advisory Council’s partnership with UC San Diego Extended Studies to build out the new "Wireless Communications Technologist" Specialized Certificate.

Recruitment is overwhelmingly one of the biggest challenges facing Motorola Service Partners. To activate new college grads required a brand refresh. This process included a new logo, updated content on services and solutions for delivering and maintaining MSI’s mission-critical ecosystem, becoming a trusted and experienced resource, and the addition a of new careers section. All to raise awareness of the organization, connect their member’s services and solutions with people, fully clarify its mission, and to increase the attraction of new college grads.

We appreciate the support and input from Chas Elliott, Perry Vincent, the SEMSS board, Sean O’Neal, and Kerm McPherson for helping us with this special project.

2023 Motorola Solutions
Channel Partner Expo
Booth Number Change

This year’s MSI 2023 Channel Partner Expo is being held on Sunday, February 19 - Tuesday, February 21, in Dallas, Texas.

As a new space became available, we will now be in booth #201.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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