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We offer a variety of Banner Systems from Expolinc including retractable banner stands, and fabric banners, and backlit aluminum frames for fabric prints (SEG).

Announce your presence during trade shows and events with our custom banners. Use your custom banner to promote special offers, advertise new products or share a QR code – whatever message you’d like. With their easy assembly your event setup and take down will take just minutes.

Trade Show Solutions

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Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands, also called roll up banner stands or pull up banner stands, are the most popular style of banner display on the market because they are the quickest and easiest type of banner stands to set up and take down.

“Retractable” is the term that describes how this type of banner works. Retractable banner stands have a mechanism that winds the banner around a roller in the base as it's lowered. This allows the banner to stay protected inside the stand’s cassette on the floor when it's not in use, which helps prolong the life of the banner when used correctly.

Expolinc’s retractable banner stands feature a spring biassed tension holds the panel in perfect position and that allows the banners to be pulled up and retracted. This process typically takes less than 60 seconds, which makes this style of banner display the best of fast setups and take downs.

With their enormous popularity, there is a large variety of sizes and styles available including single or double-sided versions with a few widths available. We offer a wide range of Expolinc retractable banner stand models so that we have styles and sizes to fit every need and budget.

Retractable Banner System Cassettes

When choosing a Retractable Banner be sure select one with the cassette that meets your needs for size, stability, durability, application usage, single-sided or double-sided, and color.

Making a great first impression starts with getting noticed.
Our custom banners from Expolinc will help.

Looking to boost your organization’s visibility? The right custom banner can catch the eye of a passerby or prospect, especially in busy, high-traffic situations or events. We offer custom banners and trade show and event solutions for every application. Best of all, our Expolinc Potable display systems are high quality, easy to install, set up and take down.

To start, just pick the style that best suits your business or project. If you need any help deciding what your best solutions are, our experienced team is ready with expert advice and insights.

Easy to Set Up & Reuse
Our Expolinc roll-up banners come preassembled with everything you need – stand, banner, and some models come with a case – in a wide assortment of options for your needs and budget. Expolinc uses the best materials and designs which enables you to reuse their products for a long, long time!

We Don’t Use Cheap Vinyl Graphic Materials

Duratex is the Best PVC Vinyl
Material in the Trade Show Industry

The graphic materials that are included in our Expolinc Roll Up Banners are the highest quality available. Duratex 15 oz. Double-Sided is a smooth, opaque, and flexible banner with a polyester fabric embedded between two PVC vinyl layers. This water-resistant, premium product drapes with ease and delivers high opacity to block distracting back light and shadows. This product will give all images a vivid bright appearance for both indoor and short-term outdoor applications.

  • 15 Oz. Double-Sided Smooth Banner
  • Opaque White, Vivid Appearance
  • PVC Vinyl Layers, Embedded Polyester Fabric
  • Blocks Back Light & Shadows
  • 300 X 300 Denier
  • NFPA-701 Certified for Flame Resistance

Expolinc Roll Up Promotion

The Expolinc Roll Up Promotion is a cost-effective banner stand. It is ideal for single location usage. The Roll Up Promotion checks off all the boxes: Expolinc quality, quick & easy graphic installation, easy to set up and relocate, stable, highly sustainable. Delivered in corrugated box with handle.


Size: 31.5” x 78.75”
Weight: 6 lbs.
Single Sided Print(s)
Duratex 15 oz. Comp PVC/PET 38” DS
Custom Finishing

Expolinc Roll Up Compact

The award-winning Expolinc Roll Up Compact is by far our best seller. The rounded corners and sides make it nice to handle. The adjustable telescopic supporting rod gives the possibility to adjust the image to desired height. It is easy to mount the image without having to gain access inside the system. A true road warrior, it comes compete with a nylon zippered transport bag with shoulder strap.

Size: 34.25” x 87.75”
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Single Sided Print(s)
Duratex 15 oz. Comp PVC/PET 38” DS
Custom Finishing

Expolinc Roll Up Classic

Expolinc’s Roll Up Classic has been named a “work of applied art” by the Swedish Society of Craft and Design. The system is easy to transport and assembles in a flash for your presentation. Roll Up Classic is available in a wide range of widths and is ideal for repeated use in different environments.

Most Popular Size: 58 1/2” x 84 5/8”
Weight: 10 lbs. (including Travel Case)
Single Sided Print(s)
Duratex 15 oz. Comp PVC/PET 38” DS
Custom Finishing

Expolinc 4 Screen Classic

Expolinc’s 4 Screen Classic is a cost-effective way of getting your message across on a large scale. Perfect for events and major campaigns where everything from price to assembly time is crucial. Available in seven widths. The design is discreetly simple, and you can put it up in less than a minute. Weighted rod makes the 4 Screen Classic stand perfectly steady.

Available in seven widths.
Most Common Size: 78” x 85”
Weight: 11.6 lbs.
Single Sided Print(s)
Duratex 15 oz. Comp PVC/PET 38” DS
Custom Finishing

Expolinc Light Frame Mini

Probably The Most Elegant
Light Frame on The Market

Light Frame Mini is a portable, backlit aluminum frame for fabric prints (SEG). World class LED-lights make your brand stand out from competitors. Easy to set-up without any tools and can be used both as single and double-sided.

Shine Your Brand Wherever You Go

Quick assembly in a few minutes and make your brand stand out from competitors.

Expolinc Light Frame Mini

Enjoy the convenience of easy setup without any tools, and versatility as it can be used both as a single or double-sided display. With integrated top-notch LED lights, plug and play technology, portability without the need for tools, stylish design, and a high-quality finish, the Light Frame Mini is a top choice. It is, also, accompanied by CE and ETL certificates, ensuring its compliance with safety standards.


Size: 39” x 78”
Weight: 17.6 lbs.
Samba Backlit Fabric
UV Printed
14mm Beading Sewn Around the Perimeter
Custom Finishing

It’s a simple process:

  1. Choose a product based on your specific needs.
  2. Share your project details with one of our designers.
  3. Work with your designer on feedback and revisions.
  4. We will use your approved design files to go to press.

Design Process

For us to start creating your banner, we will need a design file.

If you have your own design, please contact us for directions on how to upload your files.

Need a Design?

Let Our Professionals Take It from Here

If you need a design, you can collaborate with our experienced graphic design team. Getting professional design has never been easier.

Our customer care specialists will help you get a Great Design Right Now!

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