Data Management

Data is your private weapon in the battle for communication and business.

Realizing that an organization's data is one of its most important assets, inspires the need to manage it appropriately. We can provide you with secure, accurate, always accessible, and understandable information. When data is correctly managed, it can be the most cost-effective tool in your organization.

Data Management

For most firms large or small, data management attempts typically begin once data has become copied and extracted in such a haphazard fashion that it often becomes impossible to catch up and identify what customers or opportunities still exist. Opt-in Wireless developed a customized method to not only prevent data conflict but also encourage and expand on for sales and marketing. There is not a business that has not suffered due to data inaccuracy at some time. In many cases incorrect data has caused unnecessary expenses, additional work, and lost sales and customers.

Data Mining & Analytics
Let us help you figure out who to target and what your market is looking for, before you begin the campaign. After it goes out, we can help you measure in quantifiable amounts your ROI.

Data Hygiene
Keeping your data clean and organized is vital. OIW uses a variety of enhancement tools that provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Data Overlays
With growing technology, the need to reach out to your audience in new and different ways is growing too. At OIW, we can overlay ads on videos, websites, blogs, and more.

Data Segmentation
OIW can split your data into manageable segments, so that you can target the right market and see the demographic, geographic, business, and specialty results.

Target Database Acquisition
Over 50% of the success of your direct marketing campaign is targeting the right audience. At OIW, we’re list experts – our specialty is helping you choose the right mailing list.

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