The Industries We Serve

We Help a Select Group of Industries Access
Higher Quality Leads, Generate More Business,
and Improve Customer Experience

Choosing the right marketing agency to partner with is a difficult process, especially when you’re searching for one that has direct experience and understands your business. That’s why Opt-in Wireless only focuses on a few industry niches: Communications (LMR), DAS/BDA Integrators, Security Integrators, Wireless Integrators, and Vehicle Upfitters.


Security Integrators

There is More Demand and Competition
for Security Solutions than Ever

Security Integrators are facing more competition than ever, and they are looking to expand their markets with small teams and big ambitions. Our team has supported integrators for over 20 years. We have had great success helping integrators drive their best prospects from awareness to closed sale.

Security Integrators

Communications (LMR)

We are Motorola Solutions
Partner Agency for LMR

Our staff has over 30 years of direct experience and success with Motorola Solutions. They worked directly for them, founded a nationally recognized partner, and have provided marketing solutions as a vendor for the last 20 years. We help market MSI’s connected technologies that help make it safer everywhere.

Land Mobile Radio

Vehicle Upfitters

We Empower Your Marketing to
Help You Become the Top Provider

When you are ready for your upfitting business to dominate the market, you need Opt-in Wireless. We work to keep your business in the front of your clients and prospects minds. We have the best approved manufacturer content and stand out from your competitors.

Video Surveillance Providers

DAS/BDA Integrators

Help Prospects Through the Buying
Process Through Education

We help In-Building Wireless integrators educate their customers to easily understand their solutions. The more effectively you explain how it works, complies with fire codes, and the benefits it offers the more deals you will close. Our clients capture market share both locally and nationally with our DAS/BDA marketing solutions every day.

DAS Integrators