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Custom Graphic Panels for
MSI’s CWD & Evolv Express®

The graphic panels for the CWD & Evolv Express® allow you and your customers to optimize your ad space. Custom graphics will enhance and personalize your guest and employee experience.

Your clients will also have an opportunity to drive a monetization model by selling custom graphic panels to their special event clients, partners, or sponsors. They can also use them to welcome back their patrons and energize the venue.

“My team believes your custom graphic panels are better than the originals.”

John George
President Radiophone

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We Design & Manufacture Custom Graphic Panels

We provide a turnkey solution for custom graphic panels for the CWD and the Evolv Express®. Our graphic design team will develop visually compelling panels that promote your brand and set you apart from your competition. The experts in our print team not only used Evolv’s engineering drawings for exact location and dimension of the venting holes, but we also had a set of original Evolv panels from one of our customer’s demo units to ensure an exact match. In addition, we add a layer of 3M clear overlaminate to enhance the gloss and provide long-term ultraviolet and durable, physical protection. 

Ultra-Quality and Crispness Digital Printing

We utilize UltraDrop Technology wide format printing technology from EFI that provides high apparent resolution, high-definition print quality, outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients, and transitions.

Direct Print to .060 Styrene

Your custom panel designs are digitally printed directly onto Styrene in full color with UV inks giving you a premium quality print that will last.

Panel Cutting

Our CWD and the Evolv Express® custom panels are printed on .060 Styrene and cut with a Kongsberg X plotter cutter which is the industry benchmark of performance and quality.

3M™ Scotchcal™ Gloss Overlaminate

We use a highly conformable, clear overlaminate that can enhance gloss to give a wet paint look, reflecting sunlight brilliantly, and provides long-term ultraviolet and durable, physical protection. 

Strict Adherence to Branding Guidelines

We work directly with Avigilon, Evolv Technology, and Motorola Solutions marketing teams to ensure our designs follow their branding guidelines.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team helps you communicate the most essential aspects of your brand to inspire loyalty, bring your team together, and drive business goals.

P1 Venting Holes

We used a set of original Evolv panels from one of our customer’s demo units in addition to Evolv’s engineering drawings to ensure an exact hole pattern match.

Panel Size to Exact Specifications

Our CWD and the Evolv Express® custom panels are manufactured exactly to Evolv’s size specifications for both the PO system (59.38” H x 25” W) and the new P1 system (59.625” H x 25.25” W)

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