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| 2 04 | BRAND DEVELOPMENT 05 | DATA MANAGEMENT 06 | DIGITAL MARKETING 11 | GRAPHIC DESIGN 15 | MARKETING AUTOMATION 16 | STRATEGIC PLANNING 17 | TRADE SHOW SOLUTIONS 20 | WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT 22 | CWD CUSTOM GRAPHIC PANELS Your Business Is Our Business Choosing the right marketing agency to partner with is a difficult process, especially when you’re searching for a company that understands your business. We are the only Motorola Preferred Marketing Partner backed by more than 30 years of experience and success in the Motorola Dealer Channel. We worked directly for Motorola in the 80s, owned a nationwide award-winning Motorola dealership in Arizona and have provided proven marketing solutions as a vendor for Motorola Channel Partners for the last 20 years. We understand your business like no other agency can. We are focused on enabling the success of our Motorola Solutions clients. Team with Opt-in Wireless and tap into new ways to grow your market presence, drive sales, and leverage your brand with our proven marketing, sales, and promotional strategies. Our clients have monopolized Motorola’s Empower Circle Awards since 2003. When Your Business Needs to Dominate the Market, You Need Opt-in Wireless. We Create Industry-Best Work with Proven Results! FREE CONSULTATION TABLE OF CONTENTS

| 3 ABOUT US When your business needs to dominate the market, you need Opt-in Wireless. Who We Are Opt-in Wireless is an independent, creative, strategic, full-service agency whose staff is insanely dedicated to their work. Since our launch in 2003, our staff have helped our clients dominate their markets. We’re all about interactions. Digital interactions, physical interactions, follow-up interactions, they’re all a part of how we connect the unique truths of your brand with real people. We also understand your business in a way no one else does. Our talented and creative teams come up with new and exciting ideas every day that help us attain our ultimate goal – growing your business. We have more than 30 years of direct experience and success with the Land Mobile Industry, as a direct sales rep for Motorola, a former Motorola dealership owner and currently as a premier marketing solutions vendor. The collaboration we enjoy today with our manufacturer partners helps us provide our clients with the best and latest content. How We Do What We Do Your business is our business: We are focused solely on driving results and achieving real MROI while getting attention for our clients. We blend strategy, creativity, media and technology to create meaningful brand interactions within your market. Our personalized service – coupled with strong media, an activation plan, execution and maintenance – has proved especially successful for smaller businesses looking to fight above their weight in the marketplace. Our work connects your business to the people who you want as clients and to remain as clients. The longevity of our client relationships is built on trust, respect and the impact of what we accomplish together. We help our clients sell more with our work. We’re Smart at What We Do. As a business owner, your goal is to grow your business. Whether it’s through increased brand exposure and recognition, increasing traffic to your website, making more sales or all of the above, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We understand that marketing your business isn’t easy. That’s why we provide essential information and support to help make it easier. Or, if you like, we can create a full marketing plan for you.

| 4 BRAND DEVELOPMENT We breathe life into your company story, developing branding that advances your message and forms a distinct image. Engage your prospects and clients. No matter what geographic area you’re in, your company’s most valuable asset is the same: your brand. We help develop ways to find and promote what sets your brand apart from others, build your leadership position and create new followers. Need a brand refresh? Or want to start from scratch? Opt-in Wireless can help set you apart. We start our strategic branding process by delving into what makes your organization stand apart from other solution providers, including your history, challenges, competition, your target audience and opportunities. For modern small businesses it is important to view branding as an extension of how your mission and values resonate with your target audience. In the end, what we are going to figure out is: What is your best brand strategy? The answer will help guide every decision made from this point on. Strategic branding is about understanding who the target audience of your business is and how to communicate with them effectively. The solution we find will creatively reflect your company image or personality in a way that your target market will respond to, and will encompass branding elements such as colors, slogans, typography, style, names and symbols. Our Branding Services Include: Branding isn’t just about pretty graphics and clever punchlines. At Opt-in Wireless, we help you identify the best way to reach your target audience as well as provide practical and easy-to-understand ways to use branding in your day-to-day business communications. Regardless of whether your organization needs a brand identity created from scratch, or just a brand refresh, our talented team is up to the task. We’ve been designing logos and refreshing brands for over a decade. This is what adventuring is all about: Discovering you, finding just the right way to position you, venturing down this path, that path, knowing the solution is just around the bend ... The solution we find will creatively reflect your company image or personality in a way that your target market will respond to, and will encompass branding elements such as colors, slogans, typography, style, names and symbols. And, yes, emphasis on creative solutions, if creativity in brand design and graphic design is what you are looking for. With our shop, the sky is the limit because we’re known for “creative” ad ventures. Opt-in Wireless gives you a brand marketing strategy to own what’s next. • Strategy • Logo Design • Marketing Collateral • Website Design • Digital Marketing • Presentation Design

| 5 DATA MANAGEMENT Data is your private weapon in the battle for communication and business. For most firms large or small, data management attempts typically begin once data has become copied and extracted in such a haphazard fashion that it often becomes impossible to catch up and identify what customers or opportunities still exist. Opt-in Wireless developed a customized method to not only prevent data conflict but also encourage and expand on for sales and marketing. There is not a business that has not suffered due to data inaccuracy at some time. In many cases incorrect data has caused unnecessary expenses, additional work and lost sales and customers. Data Mining & Analytics Let us help you figure out who to target and what your market is looking for, before you begin the campaign. After it goes out, we can help you measure in quantifiable amounts your ROI. Data Hygiene Keeping your data clean and organized is vital. MBI uses a variety of enhancement tools that provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date data. Data Overlays With growing technology, the need to reach out to your audience in new and different ways is growing too. At OIW, we can overlay ads on videos, websites, blogs and more. Data Segmentation OIW can split your data into manageable segments, so that you can target the right market and see the demographic, geographic, business and specialty results. Target Database Acquisition Over 50% of the success of your direct marketing campaign is targeting the right audience. At OIW, we’re list experts – our specialty is helping you choose the right mailing list.

| 6 DIGITAL MARKETING Opt-in Wireless has proven digital marketing solutions to grow your business. We help you integrate your brand, messaging, experience and services into an easily navigated, well-thought-out website design that connects with the right audience at the right time that will move the needle for your brand. Our digital marketing services include: Digital Catalogs, Email Marketing, Internet Press Releases, PPC Management, Retargeting, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Digital Marketing is the lifeline to finding new clients as well as keeping your current clients. Opt-in Wireless has a proven digital marketing plan that is focused on creating meaningful interactions between your brand and your customers. Today’s ultra-informed customers are in control. They can find the information they want anytime and anywhere from social media, their peers, their competitors and more. They seek brands like yours they can trust, companies that know them, and want communications and offers that are personalized, relevant and tailored to their specific needs. Opt-in Wireless specializes in digital marketing solutions that help businesses of all sizes look great and attract new customers online. We provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with various forms of content marketing, including blogs, Internet press releases, retargeting, white papers and social media marketing services that will drive new customers to your website and generate qualified leads for your sales team. Want to improve your brand’s online image? Our design team can develop just what you need to build and maintain brand and customer loyalty. DIGITAL CATALOGS Create a great online viewing experience that drives leads and revenues. Amaze your clients and prospects with literally a couple of clicks. Our digital catalogs have a realistic page flip effect and intuitive, thought-out navigation. Brought together, these will provide your readers with an excellent reading experience. Make everyday communication with customers easy. Share digital catalogs on your website and in social media, or just send customers direct links via email to your digital catalogs. SEE ONE IN ACTION

| 7 DIGITAL MARKETING VIEW A LIVE VERSION DIGITAL PRESENTATIONS Present Online or In Person to Generate Sales and Proposals – It Works! We know Motorola Channel Partners of all sizes have been under stress and that some are facing significant hardship. We have been working to find new ways to meet their needs and have been drawing on our marketing technology and resources to make a difference for them. As some sales reps are not able to have face-to-face meetings with clients and prospects now, we set out to find a way to help them become more productive and successful. A sales call on its own can lead to new business, but when supplemented with our Motorola Digital Presentation, it takes it to another level entirely. Over the last several months, our clients have proven it works! A Digital Tool ThatYour Reps Can Use Immediately Our presentation includes an overview of all the solutions in Motorola’s Unified Communications Ecosystem. Each overview has a sales deck, value propositions, and links to brochures, case studies, datasheets, flyers and videos. Reps can choose to present the solutions they want in any order. Engage withYour Prospects Online, In Person, and by Sharing Demonstrations withThem Our digital presentations help in reaching and engaging your target customers more efficiently, thereby increasing revenue and sales. Show, Share and Sell Like Never Before! With our digital presentation, your sales team has instant access to all of Motorola’s Commercial Ecosystem, including brochures, spec sheets, videos and a slide deck — all neatly organized, at their fingertips and easily shared via email. Beyond PowerPoint: KeepThem Engaged and Present with Confidence Our highly visual and intuitive presentation engages viewers and educates them about the communication solutions they need by connecting with them instead of losing them in information overload due to boring, text-heavy slides.

| 8 E-MAIL MARKETING Don’t just e-mail your customers. Engage with them. Reaching the inbox isn’t enough anymore. Customers today demand and only respond to highly personalized engagement. Many agencies are struggling to deliver. Opt-in Wireless can change that. We make it easy to truly reach and connect with your target audience again and again, so you’re not just sending them e-mail blasts, you’re actually driving conversions. E-mail marketing is the most cost-effective and most accurate way to contact your current customers and prospects. INTERNET PRESS RELEASES Get your event, new product or promotion in front of major news sites and search engines. Your Press Releases can live on the web forever, earning you new business time and time again. Opt-in Wireless believes that Internet Press Releases are a great way to get your message out in a different format and to find new customers and prospects. Top features of Internet Press Releases: affordable and fast to implement, build your brand, product awareness, search engines like press releases and they offer links back to your website. REMARKETING Stop losing your website visitors and recover them with remarketing. Remarketing on the web is specifically targeting prospects who have shown an interest in your company at one point or another. Generally, this interest has been a website visit or a social media visit. Regardless of how they found you, we can retarget them and ensure that they see your message repeatedly. Remarketing allows you to directly engage their most promising prospects with personalized ads and messaging, focusing investment on target audiences that are most likely to convert. DIGITAL MARKETING

| 9 SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Over 90% of online business searches start with search engines. Increased direct website traffic, improved brand awareness and better testing for conversion rates are all results associated with online advertising. Opt-in Wireless offers several types of Online Advertising (SEM) such as Google Adwords. Opt-in Wireless is a leader in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to the land mobile industry. We have a proven track record and a marketing plan that gets results. We believe in designing top quality, highly optimized websites. Quality content and plenty of it is the key to getting successful website results. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Show up fast, where and when it matters. You’ve invested a lot of time and Co-Op into your website. Opt-in Wireless’ Advanced SEO ensures your customers’ and prospects’ actually see it. We have over a decade of researching, testing and prioritizing exactly what content your target audience cares most about, which allows us to optimize your site from the inside out and capture customers’ and prospects’ interest through organic search. We believe that having unique, quality content will drive natural (organic) traffic to your website. The more original the information, the more unique it will be to the spidering search engines. It also will be more interesting to your customers and prospects. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING We’ll help you gather a loyal crowd on social, then turn your followers into business. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. While some skeptics remain on the sidelines (just as they did with having a website), the low cost of platforms like blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn, combined with their growing effectiveness as lead generation vehicles, is attracting a substantial crowd that includes your clients and best prospects. Today, the question is no longer whether to go social as much as how to mix and match components to maximize your return. DIGITAL MARKETING

| 10 DIGITAL MARKETING PresentYourself Digitally the WayYou Want to be Perceived Remote work has become increasingly necessary for public safety and well-being, which makes staying connected, even while we are apart, more important than ever. Each day, a rapidly growing number of people are connecting on video conferencing services. People use them to host webinars, organize meetings with clients and colleagues as well as video chat with friends. In a new age of work from home (WFH) and social distancing, we still want to be connected, communicate and collaborate efficiently. It is one of the most cost-effective tools for improving communication in business. What is a Virtual Background? It is no surprise that video conferencing’s popularity keeps growing. The rapid growth also means increased expectations for high-quality video, which is why your background on video conference calls must be up to par. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing meetings took place in an office or room, where the background was a wall or a whiteboard. Today, the new realities take video conferencing to your home. For privacy purposes or to maintain a professional look, many people want to hide their rooms or surrounding backgrounds. Your video conference background matters, and several video conferencing platforms allow you to upload your own images as a virtual background. The Virtual Background feature allows you to display an image as your background during a video conference meeting. Free Video Conference Backgrounds for Motorola Channel Partners Stay professional no matter where you are working from. Don’t settle for a boring scene of your home office or a stock image during an online meeting. And let’s face it, if you’re not using a virtual background now, then it’s only a matter of time before one of your video calls gets interrupted. We want to make sure we help our clients have the online tools they need in today’s virtual workspace to be productive and successful. VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS GETYOURS NOW!

| 11 GRAPHIC DESIGN Quality design not only extends your brand, it increases the effectiveness of your marketing. Graphic design can instantly communicate everything a client or potential customer should know about your business. It builds brand awareness and effectively demonstrates your unique value proposition. Our graphic design team helps you communicate the most essential aspects of your brand to inspire loyalty, bring your team together and drive business goals. Authenticity of content is the most influential factor in a prospect’s decision to follow a brand. And adding design to text enables users to follow directions. If you want engagement, you need expert design services. Our designs are visually compelling and move your prospects to action. We start with understanding your prospects: identifying their point of view and providing them with the most relevant, engaging visual imagery. Over the years we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses like yours and have some insight into what your prospects need to see. Your marketing needs to align with your established brand identity and remain consistent from one piece to the next. It needs to expound upon what you do and how you do it better than anyone else in your area. Most of all, it needs to be unique to your company and stand out from your competition. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, our talented designers can make it happen. Graphic design services from Opt-in Wireless help monetize your messaging, turning your creative ideas into commercial wins. Contact us today to get started with your next online to offline project. We Create Industry-Best Work with Proven Results! FREE CONSULTATION

| 12 GRAPHIC DESIGN AD DESIGN There’s nothing more expensive than an ad that doesn’t drive action. Always look your best for your brand. To complement your online marketing strategies, we offer complete print advertising design services. Regardless of where you decide to advertise, our print design team can help you create memorable print advertising designs that cut through the clutter and get results. Our years of graphic design and direct marketing experience help us create response-driven print marketing design services that are optimized to increase response rates and stretch your advertising dollars. We are ready to listen to your ideas so we can develop the perfect strategy for your print advertisement designs. Contact our print design team to design a logo you love for your company. BROCHURES A great brochure is worth its weight in gold. Brochures are the perfect way to communicate your products and services and leave a lasting impression on your clients. We create highly engaging printed brochures and/or brochures in PDF format that can be posted on your website for download or e-mailed directly to potential customers. From initial design concepts to the finished product, we offer a full range of brochure design services to help you to enhance your brand in an effective manner. BUSINESS CARDS & STATIONERY Make a lasting impression with high-quality business cards. Bold designs to help you stand out. When it comes to your image, your business cards and stationery help you put your best foot forward and the power to help your brand to stand out. Capturing your business essence, our business card and stationery design solutions help you to present your brand in a professional and creative manner and help you to achieve a lasting impression. Don’t have a design yet? No problem. Just give us your logo, your contact information and your ideas, and we’ll lay it all out for you.

| 13 GRAPHIC DESIGN CATALOGS Show us a boring catalog design and we will create you a brilliant one. In today’s digital age, there are some who wonder why catalogs are still around. The simple truth is that people like catalogs. Catalogs are an important marketing tool for your company. They are a great way to showcase your product line in a creative way and strengthen your brand. Customers and prospects looking at catalogs generally do not have the luxury of being in your office or having one of your sales representatives with demos at their location to examine them closely. Therefore, your catalogs need to be detailed and engaging enough to convince them that your products will fulfill their needs. Need help bringing your catalog design to life? We are ready to listen to your needs. DIRECT MAIL In these digital times, it’s easy to overlook the power of direct mail marketing. To this day, direct mail marketing is still one of the most effective forms of advertising and can play a key role in the success of your overall marketing efforts. It provides you with more control than any other form of print advertising. But even the best promotion won’t guarantee sales if it’s never read, and that’s where Opt-in Wireless comes in. We strategize with you to develop the most effective messaging, with clear calls to action and make sure that your direct mail marketing campaign is consistent with your branding. We can manage your direct mail campaign from start to finish. Or, if you only need us for specific portions of your project, we can help with that, too. FLYERS & SALES SHEETS Stunning corporate materials to create and improve your brand image. At Opt-in Wireless, we believe in the practical value of print advertising and as such, we develop and design marketing materials with a focus on messaging and style that will prompt action and facilitate the sales process for your business. Flyer design is one of the most popular methods of advertising. Flyers are a great solution for differentiating yourself from the competition and getting your message out. You can use them at trade shows, events, or to support the efforts of your sales and service teams. Studies show that people are over 80% more likely to follow up with you if they were given physical materials at the time the initial connection was made.

| 14 GRAPHIC DESIGN LOGO DESIGN Your logo is a unique identifier that makes your company different from your competitors. Do you love your logo? A good logo design describes your services and your company in a unique, meaningful and memorable manner. You want your targeted customers to associate your brand with your products, services and solutions with your logo. Let Opt-in Wireless create a great logo that helps you to stand out from the masses visually. A logo you’ll love, and your prospects and customers will remember. Whether you’re in need of a completely new logo or looking to update an existing one, our design team’s branding experience will develop a new logo that you’ll love. POSTERS Robust and vibrant promotional posters for maximum impact. Create undeniable stopping power with our robust and vibrant promotional posters. They are impossible to ignore, and these powerful designs can help you achieve great response rates. Hang them up to promote a sale or a special event or use them for improving your office atmosphere. PRESENTATION FOLDERS Make a great impression by presenting branded and organized sales collateral. Look professional and prepared in front of clients and prospects with custom presentation folders. Give your clients and prospects sales presentations they’ll remember. Insert brochures, spec sheets, case studies, quotes and more in two folder pockets. Use the built-in business card slot to keep at top of mind. Our presentation folders create much more than a place to put your collateral and quotes, you’re developing your brand that people will notice and remember. All firms, big and small, can benefit greatly from presentation folders.

| 15 MARKETING AUTOMATION Make sure the right people get the right information. Marketing automation is a process where technology is utilized that allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow their customer base and revenue faster. Turn leads into customers and into repeat customers. Opt-in Wireless offers the email marketing, marketing automation and CRM tools you need to create great customer experiences. • Awareness & Intent • Nurture & Educate • Convert & Close • Support & Grow We take the headaches out of managing your day-to-day marketing needs.

| 16 STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic marketing planning is considered a creative process. We are an integrated brand experience agency. At Opt-in Wireless, we deliver creative experiences and marketing strategies that amplify your brand’s reach, breed customer loyalty and drive business growth. Modern marketing is all about reaching your customers and prospects at the right time. But where and how do you get started? Determining what content is right for your customers, what marketing channels to use to reach them, how to set objectives that work for you as well as figuring out how to measure success can seem like insurmountable challenges. The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to help you grow your business and increase your brand awareness. For a marketing strategy to be successful, it must be multi-faceted, realistic (based on real data) and implemented consistently over time. Our experts can help you develop a marketing strategy that can help you define business goals. Then, we’ll define objectives and how to execute them, along with multiple approaches to measure your investment. Contact us when you’re ready to get started, and our team will kick off the process with a free consultation! We Create Industry-Best Work with Proven Results! FREE CONSULTATION

| 17 TRADE SHOW SOLUTIONS Our High-Performance Display Systems are like your satellite office at events and trade shows. Our display system solutions can be used in every occasion when you want to expose your message – everywhere from the little foyer to big events and trade shows. Let the environment and your own creativity be your guide when choosing a display system. Love your brand! We help bring your brand to life with our portable display solutions. Our talented designers bring focused attention to every detail, from color choice to font and photo style, to connect your brand story at most any event or trade show. Producing crap is the easiest thing in the world. That’s why we refuse to do it. Saving a fistful of dollars in production costs always means the same thing: compromises made in regard to materials, design and function. And we’re not willing to make that sacrifice. The brand you’ve spent time, energy and money to build risks being shattered if it ends up on a wobbly image wall or a crooked roll up. That’s why we only offer portable display systems that lead the way for our industry. And we do it at reasonable prices, without compromises made regarding materials, design and function. That’s the love we know your brand deserves. We are proud that so many leading brands have chosen Opt-in Wireless to carry their message. We would like to thank all users, big and small, for giving us the trust. BANNER SYSTEMS Elevate your message above your competition with our compact and simpleto-use banner systems. Our banner systems are a cost-effective way of getting your message across on a large scale. Perfect for events and major campaigns where everything from price to assembly time is crucial. They are discreetly simple, and you can put them up in less than 60 seconds. When you demand professional exposure with a banner stand that always stands straight, Opt-in Wireless has your solution. SEE HOW EASYTO USE

| 18 TRADE SHOW SOLUTIONS BROCHURE STANDS Professional and attractive exposure of brochures and the perfect way to transport them. Our brochure stands provide the ideal complement to your event environment and a practical way to transport your printed material. With their stable design and ingenious action, these brochure stands are designed to give maximum exposure quickly. Durable compartments that don’t break or get scratched Ready to use instantly, brochures ready in compartments. COUNTERS A transport case that converts into a counter in just a few seconds. Holds a complete Pop Up stand. Our durable cases double as counters. To convert the case into a counter, just wrap a graphic around the box and place the included top shelf. Easy to transport and fits in most cars. Choose from a standard case that holds a complete pop up booth with spotlights and counter in one box or the case and counter – the king of portable counters! It is a spacious transport case that takes just one minute to convert into a stylish and stable counter with internal shelves and creates a perfect meeting place. IMAGE WALLS Professional impact in a few minutes and probably the world’s easiest pop up to set up. We offer probably the easiest big image wall on the market, so user-friendly you can assemble it on your own in a few minutes. The magnetic bars guide everything into position, the panels fall into place and fit seamlessly, securing the perfect setting for your brand. Combine structures and build your environment without limitations. Pick and choose from straight and curved structures of different heights to create your custom set. SEE HOW EASYTO USE SET ONE UP IN MINUTES SEE HOWTO SET UP

| 19 TRADE SHOW SOLUTIONS TABLE COVERS Turn your table display into a graphic billboard for your company or product! Our Table Throw Covers offer an immediate solution to not only improve your brand, but also give your tables a professional look to draw attention to your company, and outshine your competitors at expos, trade shows and other events. Manufactured to land perfectly on your table without bunching on the floor, our rich, machine-washable, durable fabrics mean your cover will stay looking new for years to come. Whether you need a table cover for a trade show or a tablecloth for a special exhibition, Opt-in Wireless has the trade show table cover you want. Our Creative Experts Our in-house team of seasoned industry experts partner with clients to develop and execute meaningful programs that engage people with actionable brand experiences. Free Consultations Our goal is to help our clients and their businesses achieve significant success in going forward. We begin with a free consultation. We’re ready to talk. Are you ready? Proven Results Cut through the noise. Fuel your brand and drive results with proven marketing solutions from Opt-in Wireless. We will bring you to a whole new level of success.

| 20 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Making your website work everywhere for optimal engagement and performance. When your business needs to dominate the market, you need Opt-in Wireless. We do that by designing clean, modern websites that are easy to navigate, drive high-volume targeted traffic and help you stand apart from the competition. From responsive website design to search engine marketing and more, our website development and digital marketing team is here to help you simply do one thing: grow your business. For almost two decades we have done that by driving high-volume, targeted traffic to websites that visitors love. Opt-in Wireless’ approach to design ensures that your website is built with mobile devices in mind, so customers can interact with a powerful version of your site no matter where they are. With more than 50% of online searches being done on mobile devices, can you afford to miss out on those potential sales? Every marketing agency talks about how they do websites. At Opt-in Wireless, we’ll show you what a website can do.

| 21 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT WEBSITE DESIGN Responsive websites that convert. Period. Your corporate website offers your customers and prospects the deepest, most meaningful self-service experience they will have with your brand. The site is at the center of all digital touch points, meeting your customers’ needs. A strong interaction with your site is imperative to ensure a strong interaction with your brand. A great website requires not only user-friendly graphic interface designs coupled with cutting-edge, elegant back-end programming, but also a deep understanding of your business and industry. Opt-in Wireless meets this challenge like no other agency. The sites we develop are created by our full-time, specialized interactive designers. E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS Grow your online business. Our e-commerce solutions are designed to get customers to your site and to ultimately conclude their visit with a purchase from your business. We integrate the latest ecommerce technology into your website. Combined with email marketing, e-commerce can quickly help you maximize the potential of your existing customer base. We help businesses penetrate the online market with a simple and cost-effective e-commerce solution to fit their individual needs. The sales reps saw the website for the first time yesterday and they really like the new website design! I’ve had several emails this morning and just wanted to share with you that the new design is a big hit! I’m very happy with the way it looks and navigates and just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. Daphne Knox – Emergency Radio Service, Llc. “ The site’s look and feel is great and I think it is a great improvement! I thank you for all of your time and effort spent on this project and look forward to seeing the finished product. Cynda Simmons – B&C Communications WOW! This is excellent. Beyond my imagination. I love the immediate connection to St. Louis. Perfect home page picture. And the other content gives us the ability to quickly show SO much more of our offerings. Terry Schieler – WirelessUSA Inc. “ Testimonials

| 22 CWD CUSTOM GRAPHIC PANELS We Design & Manufacture Custom Graphic Panels for MSI Concealed Weapons Detection We provide a turnkey solution for custom graphic panels for the Motorola Solutions CWD. Our high-quality graphic solutions will enhance and personalize your guest and employee experience and can also help you sell ad space for your special event clients, partners, or sponsors. Precise Venting Holes for P1 Systems The experts in our print team have decades of experience and the latest printing technology. They not only refenced Evolv’s engineering specifications for exact location and dimension of the venting holes, but they also had a set of original CWD panels from one of our customer’s P1 units to ensure a perfect match. 3M™ Scotchcal™ Gloss Overlaminate We add a layer of 3M clear overlaminate to enhance the gloss to give a wet paint look, and provide long-term ultraviolet and durable, physical protection. CLICK HERETO LEARN MORE VIDEO OF OUR MANUFACTURING PROCESS

| 23 CWD CUSTOM GRAPHIC PANELS The Best Artwork and Design When you only have a few moments to capture attention, the right graphics can be the key to your branding success. Our team is available anytime to help you get a great design. Collaborate with our design team on your unique panel needs. They will work on feedback and revisions and provide you with press proofs that you can share with your team to approve before we go to press. Most companies charge extra for artwork and design, but we include an initial set of proofs in all our CWD graphic panel solutions and still sell them for less than our competitors! “My team believes your custom graphic panels are better than the originals.” John George President, Radiophone Getting professional design and high-quality graphic panels for the CWD has never been easier. Let our talented and experienced print and graphic teams take it from here. Contact us today for a custom quote! Ultra-Quality and Crispness Digital Printing We utilize UltraDrop Technology wide format printing technology from EFI that provides high apparent resolution, high-definition print quality, outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients, and transitions. Direct Print to .060 Styrene Your custom panel designs are digitally printed directly onto Styrene in full color with UV inks, giving you a premium quality print that will last. Panel Size to Exact Specifications Our CWD custom panels are manufactured exactly to Evolv’s size specifications for both the PO system (59.38” H x 25” W) and the new P1 system (59.625” H x 25.25” W). Panel Cutting Our CWD custom panels are printed on .060 Styrene and cut with a Kongsberg X plotter cutter, which is the industry benchmark of performance and quality. Love the New Look and Quality of Your Panels

“ Over the past 14 years, your industry experience and business acumen has been a great resource for our organization. I view your relationship with DWS has one of our Trusted Advisors, for business development and marketing. Mike Ishida Vice President-Sales Day Wireless Systems Testimonials “ Recently Launched Websites SEE NEW WEBSITES Feel like talking to someone right now? Call us! Let’s talk about your marketing 877-649-8411