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Present Online or In Person to Generate Sales and Proposals - It Works!

We are helping Badged SR partners with expanded selling opportunities, new market exposure, and a competitive advantage. We can do the same for you!

Our in-house team of seasoned industry experts worked directly with Motorola Solutions to develop the most comprehensive marketing solutions for Safety Reimagined available anywhere. We offer Banners, Digital Brochures, Digital Presentations, E-Mail Marketing Campaigns, Microsites, Social Media Marketing, Table Throws, Trade Show Booths, Website Copy & Content, and Webinar Support.

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About Us

A Digital Tool That Your Reps Can Use Immediately

Our presentation includes an overview of all the solutions in Motorola’s Unified Communications Ecosystem. Each overview has a sales deck, value propositions, and links to brochures, case studies, datasheets, flyers and videos. Reps can choose to present the solutions they want in any order.

About Us

Engage with Your
Prospects Online,
In Person, and by
Sharing Demonstrations
with Them

Digital presentations help in reaching and engaging your target customers more efficiently, thereby increasing revenue and sales.

Over the last few months we were asked to present webinars for most of Motorola's CAM's and iCAMS.

To view the webinar that was given to Motorola's CT4 territory with John Jaderholm, click on the link below:

Watch The Webinar

Many of our clients are utilizing Zoom as their videoconferencing solution. Zoom offers unparalleled usability. Reps can learn how to use it in minutes. It’s easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device. We recommend sending a follow-up email to the prospect that includes a link to the presentation. They can review and learn more about the solutions whenever they want and easily share it with other decisionmakers.

Below is feedback from Motorola and some of our clients:

  • Keith Kennedy: "We need to get this in the hands of all our partners"
  • Mike Ishida from Day Wireless used it for a 2-day blitz campaign and due to its success has tasked Opt-In Wirelesss to develop an MR version. He also stated that after the virus he intends on using these presentations to pre-qualify leads before his rep’s drive across town or the state to meet with a prospect.
  • Sam Spaulding from Communications service said she wishes she would have had it 2 months ago for her new hire. Sam felt she could have used this to make effective calls without even knowing the product line in depth.
  • Kushal Ibrahim: "Our Motorola Solutions field marketing team loves your new Team Comms Presentation"
  • Keir Johnson with HCI said his reps will make better sales calls now using this as they will cover all of the solutions instead of just a few.
  • Steve Stauch with B&C Communications: "This will change the way we do business"
  • John Jaderholm: "I think our DSRs will need to change the way they introduce new potential solutions by using your idea of an immediate digital presentation on-line..."
  • Charmie Pujalt with Radio One: It was a HUGE success!!!

Opt-in Wireless gives you a brand marketing strategy to own what’s next.

Digital Presentation Features

Show, Share And Sell Like Never Before!

With our digital presentation, your sales team has instant access to all of Motorola’s Commercial Ecosystem, including brochures, spec sheets, videos, and a slide deck — all neatly organized, at their fingertips and easily shared via email.

Provide a Quick Overview of Your Company

Even if you have met with a prospect several times, it is a best practice to ask if it would be helpful to provide a quick overview of your company – and our presentation makes it very easy for you to distinguish your business from competitors.

A Few of the Motorola Channel Partners

Using a Proven Strategy

Tell a Story About the Problems You Can Solve

If someone is taking time out of their day to listen to you, you are bringing something extra to the table they can’t find online.

Our digital presentation helps you keep prospects interested by using assets such as case studies and videos to tell a story that is compelling and digestible. It flows naturally through the entire Motorola Commercial Ecosystem in a way that it makes it simple to understand how you can solve their specific needs and goals.

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About Us

We Create Industry-Best Work with Proven Results!